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Ideas & Endeavours: a History of the Natural Sciences in South Australia, published 1986, price $10 .Download here
Natural History of the Adelaide Region, published 1976, reprinted 1988, price $22). Download here
Natural History of Eyre Peninsula, published 1985, price $25 (currently out of print). Download here
Climate Change and its Implications for South Australia 1994. $10 Booklet of Transactions Vol 118(1). Digital version through Biodiversity Heritage Library
Natural History of the Flinders Ranges, published 1996, price $33. Download here
Natural History of Kangaroo Island, second edition, published 2002, price $33. Download here
Natural History of the North East Deserts, published 1990, price $33. Download here
Natural History of the South East, published 1983, reprinted 1995, price $22. Download here
Natural History of Gulf St Vincent, published 2008, price $120
Natural History of Riverland and Murraylands, published 2009, price $100 For downloads see by chapter
Intro, with contents page and Ch 1-4
Contents page and Ch 5-8
Contents page and Ch 8-12
Contents page and Ch 13-15
Natural History of Spencer Gulf, published 2014, price $60
Natural History of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth, published 2018
(available free on line through Adelaide Uni Press or a hard copy can be ordered through the Society), $55 .
Memoirs of the RSSA:
Vol1. Pt 1 (1900) Manus and Pes of Diprotodon, Lake Callabonna (Stirling and Zeitz)
Vol1. Pt 2 (1900) Fossil Remains of Lake Callabonna (Genyornis newtoni) and Physical features of Lake Callabonna. (Stirling and Zeitz)

Vol 1 Pt 3 (1905) Fossil Remains of Lake Callabonna, Description of the Vertebrae of Genyornis newtoni (Stirling and Zeitz)
  Vol 1 Pt 4 (1913) Further Fossil Remains, Lake Callabonna, Genyornis newtoni, Phascolomys gigas & Sceparnodon ramsayi.(Stirling)
  Vol 2 Pt 1 (1902) Cretaceous Molluscs of SA & NT (Etheridge)
Vol 2 Pt 3 (1911) Chiastolites from Brimbowrie, SA (Mawson)

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