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The Royal Society of South Australia is a membership-based learned society, dedicated to the promotion and advancement of science, with a particular interest in the Natural Sciences.


Meetings are held in the Society’s rooms on the second Thursday of each month, March to November inclusive, starting at 6.30 pm and preceded by drinks and nibbles at 6.00 pm .(Go to Meetings for arrangements during the current movement and gathering restrictions)

An ordinary meeting may include the reading of papers and the presentation of exhibits of scientific interest. An invited lecturer is also normally arranged for each meeting.

Meetings are occasionally organised jointly with other kindred societies at different venues. Occasional Symposia on topical issues are also organised by the Society.


Members receive a monthly Newsletter informing them of activities within the Society, as well as the journal Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia.

Members are also eligible for a number of Awards and Medals presented annually.

There are five classes of members: Honorary Fellows, Life Fellows, Sustaining Fellows, Fellows, Associate Fellows and Student Fellows.


Items for the Newsletter can be posted to communicationrssa@gmail.com